El Niño is an unusual weather pattern that develops in the Pacific, usually in December. The El Niño is formed by warm water in South America that creates a mild weather pattern, often moving across Canada in the winter. 

This year, there's already an El Niño developing, which normally means a slightly warmer winter for Canada. In places like Vancouver and the rest of Western Canada, that is definitely true.

But, other parts of Canada, like Ontario, often defy that typical El Niño pattern. According to the Weather Network,  that means it's going to get cold in Ontario this winter. Really cold.

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While the El Niño normally would suggest a slightly milder winter, it actually means the exact opposite in Ontario. The Weather Network predicts that not only is Ontario getting a colder than normal winter, but is also in for a very long winter as well.

BC is going to feel the normal effects of El Niño the most, with a warmer and even drier winter than normal. Here, the El Niño is going to be the dominant weather pattern, meaning the province isn't going to get a lot of snow, but rather an earlier start to spring than the rest of the country.  

That doesn't mean Ontario isn't affected by El Niño at all. While most of the winter is going to be awful and cold, December is going to be a bit warmer than normal.

Then there's also the January thaw when we all get a sneak peek at spring. The thaw will be even longer than normal this year but after it's over winter will come back to remind us that it's not going anywhere until April. 

Via The Weather Network

As for the rest of Canada, Quebec is going to have a very similar forecast to Ontario, with a cold and long winter. In Atlantic Canada, they're also going to defy the typical El Niño pattern but there will be even more storms throughout the season. 

The Prairies are the one middle ground in Canada that will be truly divided. They will get the warmer weather that comes with El Niño while also getting the cold that comes with the arctic patterns in the east. That means that they're going to have the most unpredictable winter ever. 

Source: Weather Network - Newswire

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