Toronto native R&B superstar the weekend is considering ditching his beloved title, "The Weeknd". 

When The Weeknd's debut album appeared in 2011, he committed to his mysterious Michael Jackson inspired R&B that Toronto and the world fell in love with. But this might just be a phase for born Abel Tesfaye, who is seriously thinking of closing the chapter.

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“Kind of like pulling a Ziggy Stardust,” he tells Harper’s Bazaar of his plans. Making reference to late rocker David Bowie's alter ego. “Maybe I’ll retire from being The Weeknd, or maybe I’ll just give him a break.” Abel explains. 

He is still unsure as to what this next phase will look like, and  if he'll start going by Abel instead. 

“I’m not in a rush to let people know everything about me. Mystery is always great,” He tells Harper's Bazaar.

The mystery continues. Will he make the switch? Or keep the name that has taken him this far in his career already?

Source: Harper's Bazaar Magazine

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