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Ontario's New Electronic Poll Devices Are Causing Delays And Twitter Is Freaking TF Out

This is due to the e-Poll book and vote tabulator machine.

For the first time, Ontario has introduced "e-Poll books" and "vote tabulator" devices at its polling stations. Unfortunately, these new systems have created a bit of a hiccup when it comes to voting.

In a statement to CP24, the provincial elections agency confirmed reports of technical issues that had been reported at a "few voting locations"; however, they assure voters that the system is still running smoothly at most locations.

They went on to say that they've had issues at a "few voting locations", but 99.5% of the technology-enabled stations have been operating successfully.

The new e-Poll book is a digital database intended to replace paper lists with the voters' names and information. This would replace that lengthy process where you have to line up and wait while a volunteer searches endlessly through tons of paper to find your information.

The vote tabulator is relatively straightforward, it tallies the ballots electronically. Both systems are meant to speed up the voting and ballot-counting process. 

Even though this process is supposed to speed up the process, there have been many reports of long lineups at the polling stations because of issues with the electronic devices. 

Many people have expressed their concerns and irritations with the new electronic devices by posting on Twitter.

Elections Canada has stated that if a polling station experiences technical difficulties, they are trained to revert back to the traditional paper method of voting. 

Source: CTV News

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