It's no secret that Halloween tends to bring out the "spooky" in everyone, and whether you are into horror or not, you at least entertain the idea of going to a haunted house. 

via @mistahlifts

While you may be just about ready to cross this year's Halloween Haunt at Wonderland off your list, there is another kind of terrifying experience available for you to try- but it definitely isn't for the faint of heart. 

Bingemans are offering a 13 hour long overnight haunted house. Thirteen hours! The overnight experience is promised to be a terrifying one like no other, where you camp outside while ghouls and zombies lurk the grounds ready to scare. 

via @koby_stubbs

Whether you choose to bring your tent or not, Bingemans offers additional accommodations for an add-on price! So make sure to mark this event on your calendar, as this year it will be happening on June 9th with early bird deals running until May 1st! 

For more info and tickets click here! 

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