It might be hard to land a teaching position in provinces like Ontario, where secure teaching jobs are hard to come by thanks to the overwhelming number of aspiring teachers province-wide. 

But some Canadian provinces are experiencing the exact opposite of Ontario's hiring freeze when it comes to teachers. 

The education system in B.C. is currently in "crisis" mode due to a cripplingly low number of teachers in the province. 

Unlike provinces such as Ontario, where aspiring teachers are often stuck in substitute positions for months if not years, B.C. teachers have their pick of jobs to choose from. 

Before the low number of teachers became a crisis in the province, B.C. already had a low number of substitutes before this current school year. 

The Education Ministry in B.C. couldn’t say how many teachers are still needed across the province, but reports found that some districts in the province don't have enough special education teachers to specifically accommodate their students with special needs. 

One of the largest contributing factors to the extreme "teacher shortage" is a Supreme Court ruling that passed last year, which enforced smaller classroom sizes. 

In a statement made by the Ministry, the government announced that they have nearly finished hiring "over 3,500 full-time teachers" making this mass hiring spree "the largest hiring campaign of teachers in B.C.’s history." 

But substitute and special education teachers are still desperately needed. So the local school districts have started taking action.

The Vancouver school district has implemented a $1,500 moving allowance incentive to motivate any teachers from other provinces to consider the move to B.C. The school district may also consider offering free temporary home stays to anyone moving from out of province. 

So if you're an aspiring teacher who's always wanted to live in B.C. (or you just really want a job), this might be the big break you've been waiting for. 

Source: Vancouver Sun  

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