We’ve all seen Titanic right? Yes, it’s a romantic love story movie but let’s face it the real star of the movie is the iceberg that sinks the ship.

Well, now there’s an iceberg so big in the artic that not only would it have no issue sinking the Titanic, it’s threatening to sink the land.

Which has an entire community on standby for an evacuation, you can actually see the iceberg in the photos below. 

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How does an iceberg threaten to sink the land seeing as they’re in the ocean and can’t just crawl up on land you ask?

For the community of Innaarsuit in Northwest Greenland not far from Canadian shores the risk is that massive chunks of ice will fall off the gigantic berg or that it will collapse and cause a tsunami, washing a chunk of the community away in an instant. 

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Chunks of ice fell off it recently and caused some pretty big waves which have led to the community being on the edge of an evacuation order.

To give you some idea of the immense size of the iceberg, it’s so big that it’s no longer floating in the ocean, it has become stuck on the ocean floor.

And possibly the worst part for the about 180 residents of Innaarsuit is that there is nothing that can be done to move the iceberg away. 

Their only hope is that a strong wind pushes it out to deeper water so it can float away on its own.  

So you might not like where you live, but at least icebergs aren't out to get you. 

Source: CBC

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