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These 6 Canadian Cities Got Cut From Amazon's HQ List But This 1 Made It

Where's the love for Canada?

One out of twelve. If this were a test, we would have scored 8.3%. Otherwise known as a fail. At this point, you'd either study harder or go complain and grumble about what happened. So in true form with the latter option - what happened?

Amazon is still in search for their second headquarters and just released their 'short list' of top 20 applicants. Out of 238 applications, 12 of them being Canadian cities and communities, only one Canadian city made the cut. Ouch. 

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Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Montreal and Halifax were six major Canadian cities that were denied a second look in the race for Amazon's second HQ. Also on the chopping block were several communities in Ontario, including Windor, Hamilton and Ottawa-Gatineau. 

Now, it's not like we're crying about not getting into the boy scouts or getting cut from the cheerleading team - as important as those are. We're talking about Amazon. The city that 'wins' the bid would have potential for 50, 000 jobs and over $5 billion (U.S.) invested in said city. You can imagine the implications of such a huge business coming to anywhere in Canada would have. 

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The remaining cities were many of America's major cities (what's up with that?). Cities like Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Boston and Chicago are still in the running - to name a few. 

Well, I guess with no other Canadian cities in the running, I may as well cheer for Toronto. That's how it works right? Amazon will be working with each candidate in the coming months to further evaluate each proposal and will make their decision later this year. So go Toronto go and... bring home the Amazon? 

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