Finding work seems next to impossible these days. You spend hours working on your resume and cover letter and then fill out a ton of online applications and then don’t hear anything back 99% of the time. 

We’ve all been there. 

If that’s the scenario you find yourself in there is some good news for you though because 8 big companies are working together to hire thousands of new employees.   

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These 8 companies are: Walmart, Chipotle, The Source, Tridel Corporation, Starbucks, HMSHost, Coast Capital Savings and Telus.

 These companies have joined forces as part of a coalition called Opportunity for All Youth (OFAY) with the goal of hiring new employees. 

They’re looking to hire 40,000 new young workers in the next 5 years. 

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The coalition says they'll be looking to hire these people mainly through job fairs, as well as local community employment agencies. 

Right now they'll focusing mainly on major Canadian cities but are hoping that more companies will join the group so that it can also hire more workers in rural areas as well.  

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Richard Derham, the lead director of OFAY, explained why these companies are working together. 

“All of the coalition employers do believe that businesses have a role to play in creating opportunities to help Canadian youth succeed in today's economy, but I think there is a reality for some of our coalition employers, they are having a tough time filling entry level opportunities," he said. 

So if you’re looking for a job now or in the coming years there will plenty of opportunities out there at these companies. 

Source: CBC

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