Today is #JerseysForHumbolt Day. If you haven't heard of this before this very second here’s the low down. Jersey day has been organized in support of the Humboldt bus crash victims.

You’re supposed to wear a sports jersey of some kind to show your support and solidarity with the victims and their families. And it’s not just everyday Canadians who are taking part in the day, certain cooperate organizations are allowing their employees to not wear their usual uniform and swap it for some sort of sports jersey.

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And this isn’t just one or two companies, there’s a whole lot of them showing their support.

So who’s taking part? TTC drivers for one. If you’re using the TTC to get around at some point today don’t be too surprised to see someone wearing the jersey of some sports team sitting behind the wheel of your bus or streetcar.

If you see your local Metrolinx bus driver or staff member out of uniform, no worries because they are also taking part. So no, a crazy Leafs or Raptors fan isn’t stealing the bus.

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Teachers are also taking part. Obviously with many of the victims in the Humboldt crash being young enough to still be in high school it makes sense that teachers ans students would show support for victims who could be the same age as their own high school students.

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In the food service industry employees of both Tim Hortons and Boston Pizza are also allowed to wear jerseys today.

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There are also first responders and police divisions all across Canada donning a jersey as a tribute for the Humbolt team.

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Both TV and radio stations are shrugging on jerseys to stand with the families and friends in Humbolt.

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Grocery stores like Sobeys, Longos, and Metro are also talking part.

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Also staff members from the iconic Canadian drug store brand, Shoppers Drug Mart.

There’s also small businesses across the country that are participating as well.

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People who are wearing jerseys are being asked to take a picture and share it on social media using the hashtag #jerseysforhumboldt.

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So if you have a jersey of some team make sure to wear it and share it with the world.  And if you haven't already, head over to the Funds for Humboldt Broncos GoFundMe page.

Source: CP24

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