Your Facebook feed is probably filled with "March For Our Lives" photos, live updates and event information. Even though the gun-reform protest is occuring all over the states, Canadians couldn't help but stand in solidarity with their neighbours.

The "March For Our Lives" protest was created in the wake of the Parkland, Florida school shooting. Student protestors have been rallying ever since the deadly school attack. Now, adults, children, teachers and celebrities are all joining together to demand gun-reform laws.

Here are all of the cities participating in "March For Our Lives" protests across Canada today.

The demands include ending gun violence by enforcing stricter gun control laws, a universal background check system for gun buyers, and a complete ban on assault-style rifles and high-capacity magazines.

The largest protest in the U.S. will be downtown Washington, DC. They are expecting at least half of a million protestors to be present.

Source: Macleans

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