Now that cannabis has been legal in Canada for more than a week, there has been enough time for people to test out the various different legal marijuana stores across the country, including store locations and online retailers. 

Customers are not only getting a feel for the different legal retailers in Canada, but they're also rating their shopping experiences online. Canadians are starting to leave reviews of provincial cannabis stores through the website Leafly, which is fully dedicated to information on cannabis and dispensaries. 

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A week into buying legal weed, Canadians have very strong opinions and some are most definitely better than others. Given that each of the provinces were responsible for coming up with their own regulations, there are big differences in how weed is sold across the country. 

Based on these reviews, it's very obvious that according to customers, some provinces are doing it better than others. Looking at Leafly's different cannabis dispensary reviews, these are the best and, more importantly, the worst cannabis retailers in Canada. 

7. Nova Cannabis, Edmonton

This is arguably the best legal marijuana retailer in the country with 5 stars. Four different customers have given this store top reviews, saying they have good quality products, knowledgeable staff, and a good atmosphere. You specifically have to go to the one on 104 Street, though, because others in Alberta have ranging reviews from 3.5 to 4.5 stars. 

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6. Meta Cannabis Supply, Winnipeg 

A close second to the top retailer with 4.7 stars is Meta Cannabis, a legal private retailer in Manitoba. All the reviewers said that the staff were very friendly and the service was good. They also said Meta had good products and decent prices. Where they lost a few points were people who said the store was a little bit small. 

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5. BC Cannabis Stores, Kamloops

For being the only physical store to open in BC on legalization day, this Kamloops location is doing pretty well with 4.5 stars. While it doesn't have as many reviews as some other stores, the customers who did leave comments said it had a really nice atmosphere and one even said it looked like an Apple store. They lost points for overall service, though it's not clear if this was based on speed or quality. 

4. Tweed, St. John's 

Another private retailer, Tweed, falls right in the middle of the list with 4.2 stars - but, it has very mixed reviews. One customer gave them 5 stars saying they had high-quality products and another said that the staff were friendly and helpful. But, another customer only gave them 2 stars and said they had low or no stock of products. The customer said that the stuff they did have was terrible quality. 

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3. Jimmy's Cannabis, Battleford

Jimmy's maybe another one sitting near the middle with 3 stars.But, based on the mixed reviews, there's a reason it's near the bottom. While this particular retailer online has 2 reviews, they couldn't be more opposite. One person who gave it 5 stars said their experience was nothing but pleasant. The other customer gave them only 1 star, saying the store failed miserably and they were going back to their dealer. 

2. Ontario Cannabis Store

Based on the complaints voiced against the OCS lately, it's not surprising that they only have 2.6 stars. This may be one of the most comprehensive lists of reviews with 23 customers giving their feedback, but most of them are not good. Among the many 1 star reviews, people complain about the terrible customer service and lack of communication, the fact that it takes forever to ship, and the fact that the provincial online retailer has already run out of many popular items.

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1. BC Cannabis Store Online

While people in Ontario may think it can't get any worse, the online store in BC seems to be doing just as terribly. While the Kamloops location had good reviews, the website only has 1.8 stars making it the worst retailer on this list. While they don't seem to have the same delivery crisis as Ontario, customers of the BC shop are complaining about the prices, which they say are astronomically high. Meanwhile, another customer simply said, "this ain't it chief." 

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If these reviews are any indication of which legalized cannabis roads seem to be the smoothest, the trend of both major online retailers being in the bottom, each with around 2 stars, may point to the fact that brick and mortar locations are the way to go, especially privately owned ones. 

While BC is already a little bit ahead given that they have an actual location open in Kamloops already, Ontarians have to wait until April 2019 for store locations to open up. So in the meantime, we'll just have to watch and hope that these reviews, and the websites, in general, get better soon. 

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