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These Pissed Off Canadians Are Savagely Ripping Uber Apart And Here's Why


Ever lost your phone or your wallet or something else that you absolutely vitally need? It sucks right?

Now what about if you knew there was a way to get it back but whoever had it was making it a massive pain in the butt for you? You’d probably be really angry right?

Well that’s exactly what some people who are accidentally leaving their stuff in Ubers are facing these days. 

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One Toronto man named Taylor Brown says that he left his phone in an Uber recently and ended up having to pay $800 for a new phone because of the complete hassle he was having trying to get the old one back.

He says he went into a store and asked to use their phone to call his own once he realized he had left his phone in the car.

“I call about 20 times,” said Brown. “I know the ringer was on.” He says that he then contacted Uber online trying to get the phone back and when he finally had a chance to speak to the driver of the car, they said they were with a customer and couldn’t return the phone. 

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Brown called the driver again later on to try and get the phone but the driver then said that he had not seen the phone and hung up on Brown.

Brown eventually did end up getting the driver to admit that he had the phone and should return it, but not after he’d already spent the $800 for a new one. 

And he's not the only one who's had this problem, plenty of people have complained on Twitter about the issue. 

Uber says it strictly works with in-app support for most cases when trying to return items to people, meaning people have to track down the specific driver instead of talking to an Uber representative who could order to get their stuff back.  

Other apps like Lyft also say the best way to get your stuff back is to talk to the driver.

Source: Global News

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