The Grinch has actually been plaguing Canada this holiday season as multiple reports continue to file in about thieves stealing people’s packages from their doorsteps. With multiple arrests and videos surfacing throughout the internet, Canada has frankly had enough of the people who have been stealing their packages and want something to be done about it.

Across multiple cities throughout Canada, packages have been stolen or even opened on people’s front porches. Thieves have been known to even follow delivery trucks and steal the packages as soon as they have been delivered, and it’s starting to become a major problem.  

Edmonton had investigated over 17 porch thefts within the month of November alone. While Vancouver police received multiple reports of packages that have gone missing from people’s homes almost daily during recent weeks.

Yesterday, a Toronto man, Karel Vorlicek, was arrested after a variety of packages were stolen from porches in the Dovercourt and Bloor area in Ontario between Friday, December 7 and Wednesday, December 12.

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Officers have continued to remind online shoppers to be careful during this time of year and arrange to be at home when packages are delivered. But with the mess that Canada has been facing this year, with Canada Post strikes and package delays, it has been quite difficult for people to manage that.

Package theft has gotten so bad that even the Vancouver police have had enough and are talking about using bait packages to catch some of these thieves.

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While the Vancouver police refuse to go into too much detail about the situation, Sgt. Jason Robillard told CTV News, “We don’t like to share our techniques publicly, but I do have a message for thieves out there that the next time you take a parcel from someone’s doorstep, it could belong to your local police department,”.  

Canadians have also reached out through Twitter to express their concerns and frustrations about the mass number of packages that continue to go missing this year.

Source: CTV News, Global 

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