The subject of social media and sexual assault has become a troublesome one, considering the growing problem with revenge porn. However, this situation proves to be the worst nightmare of the two combined.  The story unfolds after a Calgary man named Drayton Dwayne Preston was convicted of sexual assault and sentenced to 26 months in prison. 

Preston had broken into a 17-year-old Calgary girl's room who had been passed out after a night of drinking with her friends. While she was passed out, Preston raped her and then left, returning an hour later to rape her two more times. All of this occurred while her boyfriend was asleep by her side. It was also revealed that Preston used the victim's phone to take both photos and videos of everything which he posted onto Facebook. 

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Further details prove just how horrifying the event was for the victim. It turns out that they had all been drinking with friends as a group together, but the victim and her boyfriend went to go pass out in bed together. Shortly after was when Drayton broke in through the window to attack her.

While he was raping the victim for the first time, she had actually woken up but then passed out again. During the second and third assault that same night a mere hour later, she awoke but pretended to still be sleeping out of fear that he would do something much worse if he knew she was aware what was going on. 

Shortly after he left for good, the victim went to tell a friend what happened downstairs but ended up getting cornered by Preston's girlfriend. She accused her of sending the nude photos that were on her boyfriend's phone. It was at this point that the victim learned that photos had been taken during the assault. 

Finding out that Preston had posted them on Facebook so that he could save them to his phone before deleting them from the page. Along with the photo was a minute long video of Preston raping the victim while the victim's boyfriend lay asleep beside them. 

The judge nailed Preston for his actions noting before his conviction that he had a "fundamental lack of respect for others." Preston will be serving 26 months in prison and will have to register as a sex offender for the next 20 years. 

Source: CBC News 

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