The best trend to come out of the minor league hockey season in Canada is adorable videos of young hockey stars that keep going viral. First, it was the four-year-old boy who just wanted to nap during hockey practice and now it's an entire kids hockey team who completely failed at getting on the ice. The whole fiasco was caught on camera and it's adorable. 

The team is Bedford Blues who are located in Bedford, Nova Scotia. All the players are either seven or eight years old. They were playing at an arena in Lunenburg that had a ridiculously big step on to the ice but rather than accept help from their coaches to get onto the ice, they all wanted to face the step themselves. The assistant coach on their team had a hunch that it wouldn't go well, so he decided to film the entire thing. 

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The result is a video of at least 11 of the kids adorably failing to get on the ice as they all either face planted or landed on their butts instead of their feet, ending up in an adorable pile-up. Even the ones who do make the massive leap onto the ice successfully have the cutest reactions and are so proud of themselves. 

The coach behind the video is Jesse Rodgers. He shared the 30-second clip to his Facebook page just with the intention of the players' families seeing the video. Canadians, however, fell in love with the video making it go viral. 

The video has hundreds of thousands of views and Rodgers' original post has been shared over one thousand times, has 300 comments, and almost 400 reactions. 

People are tagging each other in the comment section of the post non-stop and are expressing just how hilarious they think it is. 

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Rodger's revealed to the Canadian Press that the kids in the video were all so excited to tackle the big step and were having a blast out there, which he says is the ultimate goal of minor league hockey. 

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