Winter is one of the best time to take part in the sports of the season. Even if you're not a sports or winter person, ice skating is one of the most classic winter sports that you just have to do at least once to call yourself a true Canadian. 

And this year, Canadians who pride themselves on their ability to rip it up on the ice have a little more to be excited (and proud!) about, because one of Canada's outdoor rinks is currently ranked as #1 in North America. 

In an ongoing USA Today Poll that ranks North America's top outdoor rinks, Ottawa's Rideau Canal Skateway is currently sitting at the number one spot, outranking 19 other popular skating rinks from across Canada and the USA.

Spanning from the Rocky Mountains to the Big Apple, the outdoor rinks nominated by USA Today for this poll are suggested by travel experts and avid skaters from across North America. The 20 nominees were then open to the public for voting, with Rideau Canal sitting on the number 1 spot for weeks now. 

via @rideaucanalofficial

Coming in close second is the Sun Valley Outdoor Ice Rink in Idaho, which might just be our next winter road trip destination after seeing what Sun Valley has to offer. 

And even though Canada tops the world for our winter sports and activities, it's still pretty surprising to see that one of our very own rinks are beating out other huge tourist attractions like the Rockefeller Center rink in New York, which is currently holding onto the 13th spot. 

via @jellycat1984

The USA Today poll for best outdoor skating rink in North America continues until December 4, so you can cast your vote here. But we're pretty sure the Rideau Canal has a very good chance of holding onto its number one spot. 

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