This Canadian Province Is The Best Place To Work As A Nurse, Based On Pay And Opportunities

Stats Canada shows nursing grads are earning more than the Canadian average.

It’s good to be a nurse in Canada in this day and age, especially in the Bluenoser Province.

A recent analysis by Statistics Canada found that nursing grads in Nova Scotia were likely to make more money than their contemporaries in other provinces. Such finding was part of a study that looked at the ability of recent grads to find jobs matching their fields  of study, and their earnings by level of education.

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“This is all very useful for prospective students, for young people still not sure about what they want to study, to help inform their educational choices,” said Carlos Rodriguez, one of the authors of the study, to Global News.

Young full-time nurses in Nova Scotia with a bachelor’s degree make an average salary of $78,600, which 4.5 percent more than the national average of $75,200. Rodriguez ascribes this income difference to the fact that Nova Scotia has a significant aging population in comparison to the other provinces in the country.

Of course, this is not to say that Nova Scotia is the only place where nurses will find high-paying positions. In fact, in other provinces like Ontario, nursing was ranked the top profession based on job prospects and growth.

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