According to the Canadian Cancer Society, "nearly 1 in 2 Canadians is expected to be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime". With rates for young adults being diagnosed in Canada rising slightly in the past few years.  

For any family that's been affected by cancer, you know that treatment options can be a rollercoaster (understatement of the world) but luckily billions of dollars around the world are being invested in cancer research. 

Right here in Canada, the University of Calgary is breaking ground on a new drug therapy that has been "delivering promising results". The university's various departments at the Cumming School of Medicine have worked together to take some existing cancer drugs and use them in an innovate way. 

Instead of trying the kill tumors (the current approach), this new therapy looks to boost the immune system to help your body do what it does best- fight cancerous cells.  Doug Mahoney, Ph.D. and assistant professor at the Cumming School of Medicine says that “What we found is a combination of cancer therapies that complement each other in helping the immune system clear the cancer.” 

So far the new treatment has been able to cure cancer in animal test candidates with a success rate of  80% to 100%. 

Mahoney says that we’ll know more about the full impact of the study in the next five years.

Source: UCalgary & Nature

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