Running out of monthly data is a serious problem that affects Canadians nationwide, forcing us to be public Wi-Fi freeloaders that have to remove ourselves from our WhatsApp group chats to preserve what little data we have left. Tear 😥...

This widespread pandemic is something that our neighbours south of the border can't relate to entirely, what with all of the extremely affordable data plans available them due to their highly competitive and populated market of wireless network providers. 

But Freedom Mobile, the Canadian wireless telecommunications provider owned by Shaw Communications Inc., has announced that it will be offering new cellular data plans much cheaper than those offered by its main competitors - known known as the "Big Three" (bet you can guess which those are). 

Starting today, Shaw will begin its national marketing campaign for “Big Gig” plans on Freedom’s LTE network, which will include a plan that offers 10GB of data and unlimited nationwide calling all for $50 a month! What??

Most of us are probably spending double that or more for half the data (or less), making this super appealing. But there's always the concern that if you switch to one of those smaller wireless providers your phone service will suck.

But Shaw Communications has worked to address this major issue by investing hundreds of millions of dollars to upgrade the Freedom (formerly Wind Mobile) LTE network. However, unlike larger networks like Bell or Rogers that allow customers to roam for free nationwide, Freedom mobile's range is more limited and it generally charges customers for roaming outside of its coverage zones even within your province, so definitely keep that in mind when weighing out your options. 

You can find more info and details on the available plans here

Source: Financial Post 

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