This Company Is Using The Humboldt Broncos Tragedy As A Way To Sell Monthly Subscriptions And It's Downright Shameful

This is disgusting.

Rebel Media has long been subject to controversy, cementing themselves as the far right trolls of Canada, but this past week they have reached new lows when it comes to trying to make a buck off of a tragic situation.

It all started when a Canadian journalist named Nora Loreto took to Twitter questioning why the out pour of support and sympathy for the victims of the bus crash was not the same to what Indigenous woman has received in the past. Noting that their 'whiteness' and 'maleness' had a lot to do with it. 

According to Press Progress, Ezra Levent, part of Rebel Media, responded to Loreto's tweets by sending a mass email to Rebel viewers claiming that Loreto's tweet showed how Canadian journalists "routinely attack people for being white or male or culturally conservative." Going on to claim that Loreto "publicly attacked the sixteen Humboldt Broncos killed in a tragic car accident." 

So what was Levent's big plan to get back at the media for "oppressing white men?" He asked viewers in that very same email to give him $5 a month to gain access to a "premium rebel content channel," providing the promo code "BRONCOS" to the viewers if they wanted to save $20 on a year-long subscription. 

Via Rebel Media

It took little to no time for the public to respond to the shameful attempt to get new subscribers in the wake of a tragedy that has left the entire country broken for the small community of Humboldt.

While it's unclear if the promo code has been revoked yet, the damage has already been done, and while we'd like to think Rebel Media will learn from this blunder, this isn't the first time they've pulled a stunt like this and it most likely won't be the last. 

Source: Press Progress

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