If you've ever noticed inconsistent numbers on your monthly Internet bill, this could be why. Telecom providers like Rogers and Bell often advertise promotional savings to encourage sign-ups, but have the right to raise their prices any time, even if you've signed a contract.

Via Iuliia Lisitsyna

Carriers are able to disguise increases to your Internet bill by keeping the monthly discount at the same fixed amount. But, the regular price before the discount is subject to increases at any time. 

Colin Perkel, a journalist with The Canadian Press, decided to investigate how the discounts worked. He realized that, "the consumer didn’t contract for a fixed price, but for a fixed discount on a variable price.” 

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The demand for Internet capacity in Canada is increasing by almost 40% every year, and service carriers make their own rules about increasing their rates based on consumer demand. Because of that, Rogers and Bell customers in Ontario recently started paying more for their Internet, starting at $5 extra per month and $1 for every additional GB in overages. 

According to the Commission for Complaints for Telecom-Television Services (CCTS), "just because at one time the provider offered you certain services at a certain price, and that price is set out in your service agreement, that does not necessarily mean that the provider can never raise its prices.”

Source: The Star

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