Not all phone plans are created equal. In fact in different cities across Canada the exact same types of plans have very different price tags. 

Data released on mobile plans compares the prices by city for six different levels of plan, ranging from the most basic to plans with unlimited minutes, texting, and upwards of 10 gigs of data. 

Via Nordicity

Via Nordicity

Across all the types of plans offered Vancouver, Toronto and Halifax were in the top three most expensive. The lowest prices for most of the plans were in Regina, with Montreal and Winnipeg also coming in on the lower price range. 

The data also shows that regional carriers such as Montreal's Videotron, Regina's Sasktell, and Freedom Mobile in Toronto and Vancoucer are significantly cheaper than the big three, Bell, Rogers and Telus, across the board.

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Obviously the numbers provided reflect averages and don't include some of the promotions that can be offered by phone carriers, such as the amazing deal offered by Bell, Rogers, and Telus in Manitoba recently. The deal announced recently allows people to double their data from five to ten gigs at no additional cost. 

The deal is amazing for Manitobans but has the rest of the country jealous and many people contacted their phone companies wondering when they could get that kind of plan in their province. Bell, Rogers, and Telus have responded saying that different regional promotions depend on markets and won't be rolled out nationwide. 

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Vancouver, Toronto, and Halifax also ranked highest in other catergories such as internet, home phone, and bundled package prices. 

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