An Ontario-born filmmaker and writer named Joshua M. Ferguson is the first person in all of Ontario to have a non-binary birth certificate. Ferguson's gender is now marked as an "X" on their birth certificate, indicating that they identify with no specific gender, and use gender neutral pronouns, such as "they" and "them."

Ferguson says that Ontario's new non-binary policies will "save lives in the trans community." They said, "this policy makes it clear that non-binary people exist. We are Ontarians and Canadian citizens."

The Government of Ontario claims that no other jurisdiction in the world has introduced non-binary as an option on government forms. The policies became official just over a year ago, on May 1st 2017. 

According to their website, the Ontario government says that when gender identity is displayed on a piece of ID, individuals can choose to identify as either female, male or "X" which represents "Trans, Non-Binary, Two-Spirit and Binary people who don't want to disclose their gender identity."

The goal of the policy is to "reduce the risk of trans and non-binary people facing harassment or discrimination" if the gender that's listed on their ID is not how they truly identify. 

Ferguson is also the first person to be approved by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to have "X"  listed on their passport. "Being officially counted and recognized is empowering," Ferguson says.

Source: CTV News

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