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This Is The Last Possible Day To Order Your Christmas Gifts And Get Them Delivered On Time In Canada

Whether you're shipping gifts or shopping online, you're running out of time.

Canada Post is no longer on strike but has pretty much guaranteed that you won't be getting packages in time for Christmas because of their massive backlog. Thankfully, if you're trying to send packages this Christmas, that's not your only option. 

Private companies like UPS, FedEx, and Purolator have revealed the latest possible dates for you to ship packages in Canada if you want them delivered before December 24th. These are each of their deadlines.

UPS Canada 

According to the UPS holiday schedule, if you want to get your packages before Christmas you'll need to ship your packages before December 20th. That's the last day to ship UPS Expedited packages in order to get them before Christmas Eve. 

If you're willing to pay a bit more, you can buy yourself an extra day. December 21st is the last day to ship UPS Express Early, UPS Express and UPS Express Saver packages if you want them by Christmas Eve. 

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FedEx Canada

Based on Fedex's holiday shipping deadlines, if you want your packages to arrive before Christmas, you'll want to mail them sooner than you think. For their basic FedEx Ground delivery, the latest day to ship is December 13th. 

For more expensive and advanced shipping options you have a bit more time. For FedEx Economy, you have to ship by December 19th, for FedEx 2-Day shipping you have until December 20th and for Fedex's Overnight shipping, you have to ship by December 21st. 

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If you are shipping with Purolator this holiday season, you may want to do it earlier rather than later. The company hasn't released their send-by date schedule this year but a customer service agent confirmed that the last day for package pickup will be December 21st for both ground and express packages. 

That said, the agent also confirmed that the holidays are going to be a very busy time for Purolator so they recommended not taking any chances. Though they didn't give a specific date, the agent recommended shipping your package with this as soon as possible. 

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Shipping deadlines aren't only for people who are mailing their own gifts to family and friends across Canada this year. They also apply to a number of retailers as well. In fact, some of Canada's top retailers have announced their order-by dates for online shopping this year. 

Some of the retailers have different dates depending on the province you are living in. For most retailers, the common online order-by date is around December 17th. In fact, stores like H&M, Call It Spring and Aldo all have holiday shopping deadlines of December 17th.

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Of course, there is still the Canada Post strike to factor in. Many retailers have opted to use different companies in order to ship goods to customers. But it is still recommended to double check with your favourite stores beforehand to find out who they're shipping with and if your package can make it on time. 

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