After much deliberation, the Bank of Canada has finally revealed the new face that will appear on our purple $10 bills. Canadian icon Viola Desmond will be featured on the newly printed $10 note starting next week.

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Desmond was shortlisted among 4 other candidates, all of which were inspirational female figures in Canada's history. A total of 461 other candidates were submitted. The Bank of Canada held an online public opinion survey to select the final candidate.

Here's what the newly printed notes will look like as of next week:

Via Bank of Canada

Viola Desmond is a Canadian Black Nova Scotian businesswoman who made history in 1946 after she challenged racial segregation at a movie theatre. Desmond bravely refused to leave the whites-only section of the theatre and, despite having to face criminal charges, Desmond's actions sparked change for racial equality in Nova Scotia. The Bank of Canada describes Desmond's case as "a milestone human rights case in Canada."

Via Bank of Canada

Desmond will be replacing the figures on the current $10 bill. Bank of Canada changes their note designs every several years to commemorate different important figures in Canada's history.

Source: Bank of Canada

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