If you haven't seen ITwhat are you doing? The movie is the biggest R-rated movie of all time, and definitely for a reason. Let's just say I was more than paranoid after coming home to a dark house after seeing the movie. 

Today, Warner Bros and New Line Cinema announced that the sequel will be haunting us once more on September 6th, 2019. If you've seen the size of Stephen King's novel, it's no wonder that the movie needed to be two parts.

There was a bit of a cliffhanger at the end of the movie, but not an obvious one. We never got to understand why exactly the clown, Pennywise, wanted to hurt children. However, Bill Skarsgard, who plays Pennywise, said he hopes that the sequel will be able to delve deeper into the character, and that there's more exploration for who Pennywise is, according to Express. 

The first part was made so that it follows the children in the past, and then we'll get to see them as adults in the sequel. If you loved the kids in the first IT movie, don't worry. There will apparently be flashbacks to when they were kids, so the actors will most likely reprise there role in some way. The kids made the movie, so let's pray that they make an appearance. 

Are you excited for the sequel of IT?! 

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