Pretty much all of us like to have a drink now and then right? Getting together for some drinks with your friends is practically a Canadian summer pastime. 

Statistics Canada though has done some digging it seems and has quite a bit to say about Canadians drinking habits. Including the province/territory spending the most per person on booze.  

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The Canadian province spending the most money per person on alcohol is… The Northwest Territories, with a whopping $1604 being spend per person on booze each year on average. 

What’s the area of Canada spending the least amount of alcohol per person you ask? 

Nunavut it turns out, where it’s only $231 per person.  

The average Canadian spends around $755 a year on drinking.  

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That’s not all Stats Canada found either, the most commonly bought alcoholic beverage in the country is beer, except in B.C. and Quebec that is, there they prefer wine. 

And when it comes to wine most Canadians prefer red wine, the only exception being PEI where white wine is sold more. 

It also found that Newfoundland and Labrador have a very keen interest in one specific hard liquor, almost 50 per cent of all spirit sales in the province comes from rum.  

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They aren’t the only province fond of one kind of drink either, over 70 per cent of all cider bought in Canada is done in B.C. and Ontario. 

So it seems Canadians have some drinking habits in common across the country, while some are specific to only a single province or two. 

Can see the whole infographic from Stats Canada below.  

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