School did not go as planned for two Oshawa middle school students on Wednesday, December 5th, when they were rushed to the hospital by ambulance after eating some “pot cookies” at school that one child secretly brought from home.

According to Durham Regional Police, a father of one of the students, who has a medical cannabis license, baked these cookies for himself but his child snuck several of the cookies into their lunchbox before heading off to school. The student made their way to Hillsdale Public School in Oshawa Ontario, where they shared the pot cookies with another student.

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You can guess what happened next. After consuming the cannabis-infused cookies at school, both students became extremely ill. They were quickly rushed to the nearest local hospital where they remained for overnight observation.

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It is unknown if these students were aware of the contents of the cookies before sneaking them into school.

Officers in Oshawa are taking the time to educate students and parents about the dangers that Cannabis has on the young brain and is encouraging parents or older siblings who are consuming cannabis to keep it out of reach of children who may mistake it for a sweet treat.

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Surprisingly, this isn’t the first occurrence that Oshawa has had with this issue. Nearly six months ago an 11-year-old student brought some cookies laced with cannabis to school and shared them with multiple members of the class who soon became extremely dizzy.  

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This is a reminder, that with the new legalization and access of cannabis, that this issue is more likely to happen again and many Canadians need to be aware of the implications that cannabis has on younger children.

Source: Durham Region Police

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