Cycling in the city can be dangerous, especially when it comes to biking around in Ontario's busy capital city, Toronto. It's already known that there is a turf war between cyclists and drivers in the city, but the war seems to only just be getting started. 

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In a new video recorded by a Toronto cyclist, a driver can be seen intentionally hitting a bike rider after letting other cyclists go by and smashing into the man recording the video. Off camera, the victim claims that he shook his head at the car for being in a crosswalk. In the video, an altercation unfolds after the man is able to get off his bike and confront the driver. 

Via CaptainMazda |


Via CaptainMazda |

If you skip to 1:08 in the video, it's only seconds before the car lets two bikers pass before moving forward before hitting the man in the bike lane. The incident occurred on Lakeshore Boulevard West in Toronto, in the entryway of The Boulevard Club.  

Via CaptainMazda l YouTube

You can literally hear the bike get dragged on by the car before the cyclist hops off to run up to the vehicle that's trying to flee the scene. Both the cyclist and driver argue when the cyclist says "Are you f*cking kidding me? You just f*cking hit and run." The driver of the vehicle can be heard saying "no, no," and denying the accident. 

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Luckily for the cyclist, there were two pedestrians walking nearby who saw the whole thing unfold. They encouraged him to go to the police with the footage he had. 

It's been confirmed to CBC that the man now is facing three charges, one failure to remain at the scene, one failure to report the incident, and one failure of yielding to traffic. 

Both drivers and cyclists are responsible when it comes to road safety but it's good to see that the law is being upheld when an incident like this occurs. 

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