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This Tiny Town In Canada Is Being Completely Swarmed By Seals

Seals have invaded the Newfoundland town of Roddickton and it's shocking to see.

A super small town in Newfoundland has become the victim of some pretty wild invasions lately. Roddickton, located on the northern peninsula of Newfoundland is home to just shy of 1000 residents and right now has just as many seals. 

While that may be an exaggeration as the exact number of seals within the town isn't known, they are definitely swarming the area. What's odd about this invasion is that the seals aren't keeping to the water like they normally would but they have also been coming into the town and hanging out on the roads. 

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It has become such a problem that officials had to actually issue a warning about it. The Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) informed people that seals laying around is perfectly normal behaviour and people should leave them be.

The DFO also mentioned that they are monitoring the seal situation in Roddickton. They added that if people are found to be disturbing the seals or any other marine animals then people should call the DFO office or even Newfoundland Crime Stoppers over it. 

The warning hasn't stopped people from getting pretty close to the seals though. In fact, one Newfoundlander, Brendon FitzPatrick has been able to capture several pictures and even some video of the seals swarming the town. 

On his Twitter, FitzPatrick shows that the seals have in fact been everywhere in the town, from the roads to even the gas station. He's also managed to capture a video of at least four seals out for a stroll in the snow. 

Through his Tweets, FitzPatrick has also been able to shed some more light on the invasion. He says that the majority of the seals are gathered near the mouth of a brook in the town. 

He also reveals that they have been there for several weeks now. While he expressed concern in his tweet, posted January 5, that the seals may be in danger, DFO has confirmed since then that they are monitoring the situation. 

Roddickton is located on the coast of an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean, making them a hot spot for marine animal activity. This means that it's not impossible for seals to be near the town, but the fact that the seals are a few kilometres away from the coast points to a true invasion. 

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