It seems like Justin Trudeau is in some hot water with people in New Brunswick after his reported behaviour while visiting the Fredericton shooting memorial this week. The Canadian Prime Minister visited the memorial before heading out to Pride celebrations in the city. 

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One woman who lost her husband in the Fredericton shooting had some stern words for Trudeau after he decided to only visit the memorial and not with the families of the victims. 

Melissa Robichaud said that the Prime Minister wanted to offer his condolences to her family after her husband and father to her two sons, Donnie Robichaud, was shot by Matthew Vincent Raymond. 

Trudeau told Melissa that he couldn't meet with her family due to meetings he had lined up with two other families of the victims, both of the police officers who were killed in the mass shooting. 

Melissa confirmed with Global News that she called the Prime Minister a "piece of sh*t" because of his plans. 

"They wear a vest, they carry a gun, that makes them more important than one of us? I called him a piece of sh*t,” she said to Global. She felt that his choices made her sons feel like their father was less important than people wearing a uniform.  Melissa did admit also that she doesn't like Trudeau anyway but that her words still ring true. 

Trudeau's office has confirmed that the Prime Minister did speak to Melissa's family and that they continue to offer support through this incredibly difficult time. 

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None of us can imagine the tremendous loss that the Robichaud family is going through right now after this senseless act of violence. 

Source: Global News 

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