A woman named Kelly Pocha was caught on video as she went on a racist tangent, hurling disgusting insults at a group of other customers at Denny's in Lethbridge, Alberta. The video was posted yesterday on social media and immediately went viral, but the incident itself happened a few weeks ago.

Pocha's employer, the Dodge Supercentre in Cranbrook, British Columbia, confirmed on Facebook that she's been fired, due to an "outpouring of hate" for their former employee. 

Pocha claims that the incident started when she overheard the men speaking in a different language, and she was convinced that they were laughing at her. 

In the video, Pocha calls one of the men a "f***ing ignorant prick," and threatens to punch him in the mouth. She also said, "go back to your f***ing country, we don't need you here." The men replied with, "We're all Canadian," to which she said, "No, you're not Canadian. I was born and raised here."

The men try to laugh and shrug it off, but she persists. Towards the end of the video, Pocha rises from her seat and looks like she wants to take a swing at them. 

"You're not dealing with one of your Syrian b****es right now, you're dealing with a Canadian woman," Pocha yells, "I'm not going to be talked down to by you."

Pocha claims she has apologized to the staff at Denny's and intends to apologize to the men she yelled at.  The Mayor of Lethbridge and the Premier of Alberta have both addressed the incident on Twitter. "Racist, bigoted comments have no place in Alberta, " Premier Rachel Notley tweeted yesterday, "Everyone is welcome in Alberta."

Social media users are showing support and solidarity with the group of men who were targeted, using the hashtag #WeAreAllCanadian. Lethbridge police tweeted yesterday that they are "looking into the matter at this time."

Source: Calgary Sun

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