It's no secret that the cost of living in America has definitely risen over the past few years. Though gas in specific has gotten especially pricey in the past few months for Americans.

As a result, it seems that Americans are trying to bring back a 6-year old boycott in light of the ever-rising cost to keep your car's tank full.

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A post has been circulating on Facebook and seems to be a reboot of the 2006 version that happened in Canada that called for a "gas out" in response to rising gas prices. Citing an event, that still has no data or evidence of being true attached to it, that apparently happened in 1997. Where a nationwide "gas out" was held and resulted in the prices of gas dropping 30 cents a litre.

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The post itself is dated back to 2012 but has spiked in shares this past week, currently boasting 380,000+, as a response to the rising prices Americans are seeing at their local gas stations. Many calling for fellow car-drivers to join in on a 2018 edition of the protest:

The sudden determination to "stick it to the man" definitely makes sense considering gas prices are spiking all over the world and will continue to rise throughout the year. Though a "gas out" more than likely won't do much to bring the price down- then again maybe we should all just test the waters this April 15th and see what happens?

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