If you use the pill for birth control make sure you double check your packages this month! There has been a massive recall in due to hundreds of thousands of pills being incorrectly packaged at an Ontario plant. 

The company, which makes popular birth control pill Taytulla, has recalled the drug after thousands of packs had placebo pills in spots where real pills should have been. 

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Most birth control makers typically include a week's worth placebo pills, the ones that don't contain any pregnancy preventing hormones, to aid in women maintaining a regular cycle. The packages come with specific instructions on when to start taking the pills and how to line them up with your cycles. 

A normal 28-day pack of Taytulla contains 24 pink hormone pills followed by four maroon placebo pills that cause a period to happen. But, in the packs being recalled, the placebo pills are at the beginning of the pack.

While the placebos have a different look from the real pills, if you were new to taking birth control or are so used to taking it that you're on auto-pilot you could miss the difference. 

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When it comes to birth control pills the dosage and timing is incredibly important. They become less effective if you miss just one pill or even if you just take it at a different time of day. 

If a women took placebo pills on a day when she was supposed to take a real pill she would not be protected from pregnancy.

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The affected lot is number for the recalled pills are 5620706, with an expiration date of May 2019. It's advisable that if you use Allergan that you make sure to check your pack. 

Allergan which is prescribed in the U.S. hopes that women will notice if their packs are off, but aren't taking any chances by issuing the recall. 

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