Hurricane Michael is now being classified as a potentially deadly Category 4 storm. It's hours away from hitting Florida, bringing with it winds of at least 298 kilometres an hour, heavy rain, and storm surges.  

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It's so close to touching down, in fact, that the Governor of Florida, Rick Scott has now told residents along the coast that it's too late to evacuate. Their best chance now is to seek shelter. This leaves thousands of people in danger. 

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Among those in the path of the storm are a number of Canadians. While it's not clear whether or not they are in Florida right now, a survey by BMO showed that as of 2015, more than half a million Canadians have homes in Florida. This puts them or at the very least their property right in the path of Hurricane Michael. 

On top of the Canadians who own property there, Florida is also a tourism hotspot for Canadians all year round. Last year, the state hosted almost 3.5 million Canadian tourists throughout the year.

Around this time last year when Hurricane Irma struck Florida, the Canadian government reported that over 9,000 Canadians were in the affected area, which suggests a large number of people could be at risk again this year.

Besides those Canadians that are directly affected in Florida right now, Hurricane Michael is expected to have an impact closer to home this week. After making its way through Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas, Michael will go back through the Atlantic, hitting Canada's maritime provinces. 

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It's expected to hit Atlantic Canada later this week, either on Friday or Saturday. But, by then it is most likely going to be diminished to a post-tropical storm, mainly hitting the area with severe rain. In fact, parts of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick could see more than 50 millimetres of rain this week. 

President Donald Trump has already declared a state of emergency in Florida as they and other states prepare for Hurricane Michael to make landfall. North and South Carlonia, who are in the storm's path, are still dealing with the aftermath of the deadly Hurricane Florence that hit earlier last month. 

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