Tim Hortons may be late to the holiday menu game compared to other chains, but Canadians are already obsessed with one particular item. The chain just recently announced their holiday line up this year including special Christmas cookies and festive drinks.

Again this year, Tim Hortons also brought back their classic candy cane hot chocolate and people are absolutely loving it.

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Tim Horton's launched not one, but two varieties of the special peppermint hot chocolate this year. One made with regular hot chocolate and another with Tim's white hot chocolate. Both are topped with a mountain of whip cream and candy cane pieces. 

Overjoyed that the super festive drink is back, Canadians have taken to Twitter to express their love. As it turns out, people are completely obsessed with Tim's candy cane hot chocolate. 

Unfortunately for some Canadians, it seems like the festive beverage isn't available at all locations across Canada yet. Even then, customers at those locations are still tweeting about their love and excitement for the drink to come to them. 

Of course, it wouldn't truly be Tim Hortons if something didn't go wrong. One customer took to Twitter to share his experience with the candy cane hot chocolate and not only did they forget all the toppings, but they also basically only filled his cup 3/4 of the way. 

Despite that unpleasant encounter, Canadians are still obsessing over candy cane hot chocolate at Tims. Other items that made their holiday menu this year are a marshmallow hot chocolate, a raspberry vanilla jelly roll, a Christmas tree donut, and filled sugar cookies. 

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