With Easter just around the corner, Canada's coffee chains are starting to unveil their lineups of holiday-themed snacks and beverages. Tim Hortons, in particular, brought their A-game this year with their Easter treats. Today I decided to get into the Easter spirit and try the new Tim Hortons Cadbury Mini Eggs Donut.

The Cadbury Mini Eggs Donut is basically an upgraded festive version of Timmies classic Vanilla Dip Donut. However, once you get to the centre of the treat, which is notably lacking a donut hole, to the Cadbury eggs, you quickly realize what makes the donut stand on its own.

The combination of the soft sweetness of the donut infused with the crunchy chocolate of the eggs is a sweet tooth's dream. It reminds me of the homemade desserts I would create as a child, except Timmies has actually made their treat look appetizing, while my creations always looked disgusting. 

Anyone stuck in the truly Canadian predicament of having to fill up a box of a dozen Tim Hortons donuts should definitely throw a couple of these Easter-themed donuts in there. Heck, fill a whole box full of them, you won't be disappointed. 

My single complaint about the donut is that it only features three Cadbury eggs at the centre. I get that it probably has to do with the overall aesthetic of the donut to make it look like a "nest". But, without the eggs, you're basically just eating a Vanilla Dip Donut. In a way, you have to eat your way through to the best part, which is certainly fine by me.

Overall I would recommend it to those with a sweet tooth looking to get into the Easter spirit because it definitely delivers in those areas. Anyone who hates sweets and the holidays should obviously avoid this donut as it would definitely melt your frigid heart.


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