There’s nothing worse than when you finally get a coffee that you stood in line to buy and after a few minutes, you have hot coffee all over your hands because the lid is awful and won’t keep the liquid inside the cup.

That’s a struggle that many Canadians have had to endure over the past 20 years.

That’s how long Tim Hortons has been using its current style of lids, but that’s all set to change and Canadians are completely overjoyed about it. 

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Earlier today, Tim Hortons announced that it will be phasing out its current lids in favour of something more leak proof that’s also environmentally friendly.  

They will also feature a maple leaf on them for some extra Canadian pride.

And many Canadians are ecstatic with the news.  

Of course some people say that the lids aren’t the only problem that Tim Hortons has.

There's no word on how long it will take for new lids the company designs to become available everywhere but you can bet it will be soon.

Source: CTV

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