Christmas is officially over, but you don't have to wait long for new treats at Canada's most iconic coffee chain. In fact, Tim Hortons just revealed new red velvet menu items coming to stores in February. In a sneak peek posted to their Instagram story recently, Tim Hortons showed a video of someone cutting into one their red velvet muffins stuffed with cream cheese icing. In the back of the video, you can also see a big, stuffed red velvet cookie sitting on a plate. All this is captioned "February Preview."

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Unfortunately, this truly is a sneak peek, since no other information about the red velvet treats is available yet. So as of right now, from the limited information in the video, we don't know if there are any other red velvet inspired menu items coming or the exact date they'll be available other than it's some time in February. 

Both these items aren't brand new to Tim Hortons, in fact, they have been around for short periods of time over the past 5 years. After a long break without them though, they are finally coming back.  This is really good news for Canadians who are already big fans of both the red velvet muffin and the cookie. 

Via @timhortons | Instagram

To say Canadians are big fans of these red velvet menu items is a bit of an understatement actually. On Twitter, people have gone completely wild over the past few years whenever the cookies come back out. 

Some people have even described Tim Hortons' red velvet muffin as heavenly. 

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The praise has also been coming in strong for the red velvet cookies, proving Tims can do no wrong when it comes to red velvet. 

Some Canadians have even gone to the extreme when it comes to their praise of the red velvet muffins. 

Based on Canadians tweet from previous years, Tim Hortons has also featured a red velvet Timbit in the past, but it is not yet clear if that item will also be making its return in February. 

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