Canadians have been spotting them all across the country lately but now it's officially confirmed. Tim Hortons launched two new Mini Egg donuts for Easter across Canada. The adorable donuts are both a spin on classic Tim Hortons donuts but with everyone's favourite part of Easter, Cadbury Mini Eggs. 

In a Tweet this morning, Tim Hortons Canada finally confirmed what people have been proving across Canada, that Mini Egg donuts are here. Like social media posts from across the country suggested, the new donuts are basically an advances version of Tim Hortons classic vanilla dip/sprinkle donuts. They feature pretty pastel yellow, bright pink, and white sprinkles and then the crowning jewel, of course, is three Cadbury Mini Eggs placed on top, making the donut look like a nest. 

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However, that's not the only Easter donut Tim Hortons has come out with recently. In an email to Narcity, Tim Hortons reveals that there are not one but two Mini Egg donuts this year. They say, "A second spring-inspired donut is available at participating Tim Hortons restaurants. A  donut covered in green sprinkles. An adorable Timbit bunny, complete with Cadbury Mini Eggs ears, completes the treat when it's placed on top of the donut hole." 

People who have seen the donuts so far have been super enthusiastic about them, sharing their adorable pics of them on Instagram. 

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There have also been a couple of different versions of the donuts spotted out there, like these ones with some green sprinkles. 

@purple.pixie95embedded via  

Both of the new Mini Egg donuts are available at participating locations across Canada and cost $1.69. 

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