We all make mistakes, right? Well, I guess that includes the Toronto police. 

Toronto police are flustered after they realized that they mistakenly released a man in their custody who's now "unlawfully at large". 

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24-year-old Joshua Hogan appeared in court earlier this week. Officers explained that he was first taken into custody when charges were laid by police in Peterborough, Ontario. 

On Wednesday, Hogan was taken to a Toronto court on matters that were unrelated to the charged laid by Toronto police. 

Via Toronto Police Service/Global News

Officials say that he was released "in error" after the court appearance on Wednesday and was last seen around 5:10 PM that evening. 

Officials have stated that Peel Regional police have an outstanding warrant for the Hogan's arrest.

Police describe Hogan as 24 years-old, 5'9", 165 lbs. He is also described to have shoulder length brown hair and he may be violent and dangerous. So yes, Toronto police accidentally released someone who may be violent and dangerous. 

Hogan was last seen in Toronto's east end. 

Source: Global News

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