Getting home or to wherever you're staying from the airports is both the best and most annoying part of your trip. On one hand you are finally out of the airport and so close to where you'll be sleeping that night, which is an amazing feeling. On the other hand you're still not at your destination. 

Also, sitting in traffic is a nightmare and you’re tired from your flight especially when all you want to do is = get a chance to just lie down.

Well apparently, there are some people trying to make that even worse by  trick you into coming with them just so they can rob you of all your stuff.  

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Apparently, there are people going to airports posing as airport limo and taxi drivers so that they can steal people’s personal belongings once they are in the car.  

One woman leaving Toronto's Pearson Airport says she was approached in the airport by someone who offered to take her home and she was about to get into the car when a police officer pulled up and thankfully told her that the person was unlicensed and there was a high probability they would try to steal her stuff.  

The people who do this are apparently known as “scoopers” and they are drivers who are not licensed taxi drivers but will still offer to take you to where you need to be, but have no intention of just letting you pay and get out of the vehicle.  

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These people may apparently approach you in the airport before you get outside to look for a cab and offer you a ride.

One way of spotting these cars from the other airport limos is that airport limos have an official airport limo license plate. They also won’t have any markings that any official taxi service has either.  

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The best way to avoid one of these “scoopers” is to simply follow the signs in the airport and go to the officially designated pickup area for taxis and airport limos.

So, don’t just accept a ride from someone who walks up to you in the airport because you could be putting yourself in danger. 

Source: CTV

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