Justin Trudeau’s family vacation over New Year’s is back in the spotlight after a document obtained under the Information Act reveals the vacation cost Canadian taxpayers over $215,000.

According to CBC Newsthe obtained document reveals that the RCMP spent more than twice the amount it initially listed in its response to a question posed by a member of Parliament regarding the Trudeau family vacation earlier this year.

The Trudeau's stayed as a guest of the Aga Khan on Bell Island, an exclusive private island in the Bahamas, for a winter holiday and the new document reveals the holiday cost tax payers a whopping $215,398.

That amount, which covers the RCMP, DND, Global Affairs Canada and the Privy Council's costs, is 70 per cent higher than the $127,187 tab that was first shared with Parliament earlier this year. 

We understand that it's not like the Trudeau's we're ordering oysters and caviar from room service or anything. But this tab is still raising serious concerns from Canadians.

So what exactly resulted in such a hefty bill? According to CBC News, the bill covered security, overtime, shift differentials plus travel, accommodation and per diem costs. 

We understand that the Trudeau family's safety is a top priority, but what irks us is that the revealed amounts are so far from what was initially disclosed, which is a little questionable if you ask us.

CBC News reported that RCMP spokesperson Sgt. Harold Pfleiderer said, "the difference between the cost reported to Parliament and the costs reported in the document obtained through access to information was payments that had not yet been processed when the force reported to Parliament."

Even if the statement from Sgt. Harold Pfleiderer is true, the trip still raises questions about Trudeau's ethics when it comes to overspending government money. 

The news of the actual holiday cost is revealed while the Prime Minister is still under investigation by Parliament's ethics watchdog for the holiday.  So you'll have to stay tuned to learn what happens next.

Source: CBC News

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