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Trudeau's Wax Sculpture Is Easily The Scariest Thing You'll See This Week

Just no.

For some strange reason, it's generally considered some kind of honour to have your likeness depicted in wax form. Celebrities and notable figures in society have had wax versions of themselves designed for decades, sometimes without their consent or knowledge. 

Popularized by international wax museums like Madame Tussaudspeople from around the world flock to see their fave celebrities preserved in wax form. 

And while half the world is probably intrigued by the sight of the "life-like" celebrities, the other half of us just find the whole concept creepy AF and far to reminiscent of a horror movie we'd much rather forget (namely "House of Wax", but specially the 2005 version with Chad Michael Murray that was particularly bad). 

Now, Canada's leader PM Justin Trudeau is the latest notable figure to be honoured with his own wax likeness. 

On Tuesday evening, Trudeau's wax sculpture was revealed in Montreal and the statue is just so, so wrong. 

First of all, if you find wax figures eery (which clearly, as indicated above, we do), then the sculpture is just unsettling in its own right. 

But this sculpture of Trudeau in particular is just wrong and looks nothing like the Trudeau we know...

Via watchctvnews

Um, who the hell is that guy? Granted, the sculpture definitely has a realistic factor and the artist did a great job in rendering human likeness, but this dude looks nothing like PM Trudeau. 

One comedian, however, was able to accurately identify who the wax figure actually is: a young Sean Penn. 

The alleged "Trudeau" sculpture, sculpted by Paris-based artist Eric Saint Chaffray, was unveiled at Montreal’s Grevin wax museum to the media and a crowd of people eager for selfies with the PM. 

Kathleen Payette, head of the museum pictured above with the wannabe Trudeau, said the museum chose Trudeau for their next wax figure because of his “modernism, his open mind and because of his worldwide popularity.”

And don't worry, Trudeau won't be lonely in the creepy museum of wax. The museum includes nearly 120 other wax figures, including Céline Dion, Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga.

And he'll have plenty of attention so long as he lives his wax life, with teams dedicated to making sure his hair and makeup look flawless for the 150,000 visitors the museum gets every year. 

Source: The Star 

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