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Two Canadian Men Have Been Convicted In Canada's First Polygamy Case Ever

This is crazy!

Two Canadian men from BC were found guilty of polygamy last year. There are to be sentenced now. These are the first ever cases of polygamy in modern-day Canada. 

Winston Blackmore, 62, and James Oler, 54, were found guilty last year of polygamy. Blackmore was found guilty of marrying two dozen women, while Oler was found to have married five women. 

Both men have been leaders in the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ or Latter-day Saints, which condones plural marriage. They live in the small town of Bountiful in southeastern B.C.

The last convictions of polygamy in Canadian history date back to 1899 and 1906, over a century ago. The prosecutor is recommending that the leaders of a religious sect serve time in jail for their crimes, but Blackmore's defence lawyer says that a conviction is the only punishment that is necessary.

Prosecutor Peter Wilson asked a B.C. Supreme Court judge for a sentence of between 90 days and six months in jail for Blackmore and one month to 90 days for James Oler. 

Source: CBC 

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