If you rely on Uber to get around Toronto and the GTA, this announcement is a total game-changer. Today, Uber is launching a cheaper, more efficient version of Uber Pool, called Uber Express Pool. The express service is already used in Los Angeles and Philadelphia, and Toronto is the first Canadian city to experience it.

Uber says that, with Express Pool, customers will save up to 50 percent on rides, compared to their single-rider service, UberX. It'll be up to 30 percent cheaper than Uber Pool.

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Starting today, riders can use Uber Express Pool to share a ride for much cheaper prices than they're used to paying. But, there's a catch. Once you request an Uber Pool Express and your ride's been confirmed, you'll have to walk to a more convenient pickup spot, instead of being picked up right from your destination.

That mutual pickup spot will get chosen for you, and it could be as far as 250 metres away. "Walking to a corner helps avoid detours and make pickups faster. Walk to your pickup spot before the driver arrives so that no one is kept waiting," reads Uber's description of the new service.

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Not only that, your ride with Uber Express Pool will also drop you off at a  more convenient location so that everyone you're sharing a ride with is more efficiently served. "Your trip ends at an efficient dropoff spot picked by Uber, so you’ll walk a short distance to your destination," the website says.

With the pickup and dropoff locations combined, the service may as well be called Uber Walk.

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Uber Express Pool will serve riders in the Toronto core and surrounding suburbs, as well as Brampton, Mississauga, Vaughan and Markham.

Source: Globe and Mail

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