Marijuana legalization is only days away in Canada and as the clock counts down, more and more details about legal weed are being revealed. The latest one is from Ontario where all sales will be done online until at least April 2019. 

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If you're purchasing pot in store, there will undoubtedly be cashiers checking if you're the legal age to buy marijuana. Now, it's been revealed that when you're ordering marijuana online, you won't have to prove your age at all due to this flaw in the system.

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Through the online system, the Ontario Cannabis Store, Ontarians will reportedly need to confirm three times that they are over 19 years old, most likely through a checkbox, but beyond that, they won't actually have to prove their age at all when ordering. 

While they will have to put in their birthday when they first access the site, with no verification or proof, they simply would need to use the name or birthdate of a friend, meaning anyone with access to a computer and a credit card can technically legally buy weed in Ontario. 

The only time Ontarians will be asked for ID when it comes to buying weed online is at the delivery time. If the Canada Post worker making the delivery thinks the recipient looks like they are younger than 25, they can ask for ID to be presented. 

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However, there is another major flaw in the system here too since they said that someone else in the household can still sign for the package, making the ID check completely irrelevant. 

Weed legalization comes into effect across Canada on Wednesday, October 17. In Ontario, people will online be able to buy legal weed online through the OCS site. 

Source: Financial Post

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