The internet is a strange and wonderful place. That's what keeps us scrolling and taking pointless quizzes until 2 in the morning (you know who you are). Adderall Trump is trending on Twitter and the internet is convinced he's on drugs. 

Why is that?? He sniffed loudly 58 times during the Iran address and slurred his speech. 

Wondering what's going on? We'll loop you in.

Today, President Donald Trump gave a televised speech responding to Iran's missile retaliation after the U.S. killed their leading military general, Qassem Soleimani. 

As he vowed to keep nuclear weapons away from Iran, viewers couldn't help but become distracted by his odd behavior. 

People took to Twitter in hordes to poke fun, ask questions, and before you knew it, #AdderallTrump is trending. 

CNN's national-affairs correspondent, Joan Walsh, even wrote "'Slurring,' 'Adderall' and #TrumpSpeech are trending. Sounds like it went really well."  Her tweet has over 27k likes and counting.

Another user said, "whoever it was that shot Trump up with a bunch of horse tranquilizers or whatever this morning to prevent him from starting WWIII, I salute you." 

Princeton University Professor Kevin Kruse joined in on the fun, saying "How is he already out of breath? Did he jog there?"

We've got to give some credit here. The creativity is wild! You can see his speech here. 

Users started asking whether any major outlet had asked Trump whether or not he uses Adderall. Yes, the slurred speech really was that bad.

#TrumpSpeech is also trending and this is the top tweet right now. 

The internet can be harsh. Donald Trump hasn't responded to this trend yet, but if we know anything about him, he's always on Twitter. So, we'll be on the lookout for his reply.


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