If you grew up binge-watching Gilmore Girls, we’re pretty sure spending a day frolicking in the snow with Lorelai and Rory has always been your dream. Well, we’ve found the next best thing. Warner Bros. just announced that you can celebrate a very Gilmore Girls Christmas at Stars Hollow in California this winter, and we can’t stop screaming. 

You can come and visit the magic on the set of Warner Bros. studio in Hollywood from December 21 - January 5. Tickets cost $69 per person, and the tour runs for three hours.

We recommend buying your tickets asap, as they will sell out quickly! 

Many of the original set pieces will be there, including Luke’s Diner, Stars Hollow High School, and even Lorelai’s house. 

We’re not crying; you’re crying.

A themed holiday lunch is also available to purchase while you’re on set. You can choose from some of Lorelai’s favorite options, including a holiday pizza, hamburgers, chicken tenders, hot dogs, Pop-Tarts, and more. There will also be gluten-free and vegetarian options available.

This year’s Gilmore Girls Holiday tour will include plenty of opportunities to relive your favorite moments from the show.

You can enjoy a themed lunch with Lorelai’s favorite foods and even get a hot cup of Luke’s Coffee. 

If you want a little sneak preview, here's what last year's Gilmore Girls event looked like at Warner Bros. 

Who doesn’t want to snap a selfie at the counter with a delicious cup of Christmas cheer?

You can stroll through Stars Hollow and take cute pics of the town square and gazebo where Lorelai and Rory always gathered with neighbors during the Christmas season. Who’s ready for a life-changing chat?

If you’re still feeling the nostalgia, there’s even exclusive Gilmore Girls merch available to buy at the end of your tour. You can book your Gilmore Girls Holiday tour tickets here

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