We've all heard the phrase "once in a blue moon", but most of us don't know where this saying comes from. The Blue Moon from that well known saying is exactly what we'll be seeing - and it will illuminate Florida skies this month.

Full moons generally occur 12 times a year, every 2-3 years the seasons will happen to fall just right that we get an extra 13th full moon - hence the saying, "once in a blue moon." 2019 is the year that we're blessed with this extra night, and the moon seems to shine extra bright, taking on a slightly blue tint.

As long as the weather is right and Florida blesses us with a clear sky, you'll be able to see this moon starting on May 18. The moon will be 100% lit by 5:15 pm and will stay in the full moon cycle for about 30 days, so you have almost an entire month to enjoy this extra little slice of beautiful; You can see some photos taken from previous nights the Blue Moon has blessed our skies below:

Florida is getting lucky this month with 2 celestial events. Before the full moon shines in our skies, you can experience one of the most highly rated meteor showers to view as determined by frequent stargazers. It will radiate from the Aquarius constellation but can be seen anywhere in the night sky at its peak.

You can learn more about the upcoming May meteor shower here.

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